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July Newsletter

The July SkyWAAtch newsletter has just been published. Click the link to view it. It's the best astronomy club newsletter this side of the Oort Cloud! 

Here's the Table of Contents:

pg. 2 Events for July

pg. 3 Almanac

pg. 4 I’m Ready for My Close-up, Mr. DeMille

pg. 10 World Science Fair

pg. 10 Sidewalk Astronomy

pg. 11 Photos

pg. 12 Spring WAA Outreach Activities

Full Sun disk in H-alpha

Here's a full-disk image (not a mosaic) of the Sun on Saturday morning, April 19th, in the hydrogen alpha band (656.28 nanometers) with a double-stacked Lunt 60mm scope (bandwith <0.5 nm) and a 0.5x focal reducer. QHY-5M-II CMOS camera. Best 25% of 3100 frames stacked in Autostakkaert2, very slight wavelets in Registax 6, a few passes with the Photoshop unsharp mask function.


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