Comet Lovejoy WAA Member images

Here are some images of Come Lovejoy by WAA members. If you've made any images and would like to add them to the site, please send them to

David Parmet, Pound RIdge, NY (DSLR)

January 8th (tick marks along the margin show the comet's position)

January 9th

January 15th

John Paladini, Mahopac, NY (5" f/5 home-made refractor with Jaeger objective) January 9th




Larry Faltz, Larchmont, NY (3.1" f/6 Stellarvue refractor) January 9th



Mauri Rosenthal Scarsdale, NY (Questar 3.5" f/12) January 5th

This is a video Mauri uploaded to Flickr showing the comet's movement across the star field over a period of 36 minutes, compressed into 3 seconds. Click the link.

Mauri stacked 32 2-minute images to make this fine high-magnification shot of the comet on January 7th.